Home Design

It’s time to start adding to my blog something other than just cooking. I’d love to start the decorating side of my business soon. My sister just bought a house and asked me to help her decorate, so I’m putting up some samples of what we came up with. I don’t have any before pictures yet, I’ll add those later.






The picture that shows a large collage of photos surrounding a bible verse was put together by me, although the verse decal was designed and made by my talented friend Ellisha. Here’s the link to her site where you can order your own (she can custom make pretty much anything that tickles your fancy) You can always ask me directly and I can get her in contact with you.
All of the things we put together were very inexpensive. For instance, the Neds decoration above the love seat in total cost less than $30. I’m pretty good at scouring stores and finding/making good deals.
Eventually I’d like to have a business doing similar things for other people. So if you want a demonstration, let me know and we can give it a whirl 🙂